Old Houses In Millbrook

Their families and follies from Colonial times through the Gilded Age

by John Foreman

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Cover of Old Houses in Millbrook

Old Houses in Millbrook

Since its founding by the pre-Revolutionary Quakers, Millbrook has drawn a constant but changing population of captains of industries, land barons and entrepreneurs who left the city in search of the idyllic charm of pastoral life.

Their early 19th century Romantic visions included wide avenues, walled gardens and long vistas, the setting for Gilded Age fox-hunts, house parties and gaiety. Starting in the Depression, new generations sold, bought, restored and abandoned the houses as fortunes were made and lost. Incredibly, most of the houses remain, cementing Millbrook’s reputation as a destination.

Old Houses in Millbrook -- Riding Outfit Man

John Foreman’s fascinating and lavishly illustrated book takes us inside these landmark homes, introducing us to their owners who built their dream houses, their follies and gardens. Foreman whisks us from room to room with light hearted, irreverant prose and dozens of beautiful photographs culled from family scrapbooks.

Old Houses in Millbrook gives us a glimpse into the world of powerful families and their love of country life.

Old Houses in Millbrook is now in print. The collection of stories of houses and the people who built them and lived in them is now available through The Millbrook Independent by or visit the following bookstores:

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  • Merritt Books, Millbrook
  • House of Books, Kent, Ct.
  • Archivia Books, 993 Lexington Avenue, NYC
  • Johnnycake Books, Salisbury, Ct.
  • Crawford Doyle Bookstore, 1082 Madison Ave, NYC

Softcover editions ($45) and hard cover editions ($100) available.

Order now direct from the publisher:

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Old Houses in Millbrook

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